A Journey Back to Health & Wholeness

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A guided 12 week course with by weekly meetings designed by Laura Moyer – a Certified Success & Wellness Coach – to help you bust through your fears, design a roadmap to where you want to be, and give you accountability on your journey to Health , Wellness and Weight Loss.

Health , Wellness & Losing Weight are never easy, and anyone trying to shift the pounds or get fit, needs a healthy mix of motivation, support, and a great plan of action.
Whether you are looking to get your body in shape  or get rid of baby weight after a pregnancy, or simply feel more confident in their own skin, It really comes down to these 3 factors: Motivation, Support, and an Action Plan
Do you have motivation? a plan? or support?

With my program, I will help you in these areas. We will begin with an introductory class and if you decide it is for you- then join me ia a 12 week program with 6 breakout sessions designed to get you on track to your goals.


What is a course?
A course is a step-by-step program that includes bi- weekly lessons, recipes, wellness coaching and more. You can start or repeat the course anytime; payment Includes lifetime access.

This is a pilot program for at a reduced cost with testimonial -Spring 2018 only: $75

normally priced at $125


In just 12 weeks, not only are we going to change how you think about yourself and you’re weight, we’re going to revolutionize how you eat and how you feel on every level. In this step-by-step program you will learn how we got into this “stress induced life” and how we can incorporate healthy living back into our lives to feel better, cut cravings and live a life we love. Join many others who have successfully my program and loved the results and accountability.


  • You want to conquer your diet goals in 2018 and improve your relationship to food.
  • You want to enjoy delicious and nourishing food while boosting metabolism and gaining more vitality.
  • You have brain fog, low energy, extra weight and are ready to learn about the root cause.
  • You want to get educated about your body.
  • You’re ready to make a lifestyle change that will have lasting results!




At Each bi-weekly meeting, you’ll be supported through the program with a structure designed to maximize your experience. 

A bi-weekly class where you will be introduced to  a new theme to focus on.

Each week includes sample recipes to try & to make and Instructions for the week.

Week 1 Intro

Laura talks about how we got into this “Unhealthy lifestyle”& books a one-on-one for your ideal plan.

Learn the benefits of the healthy fats, supplements and foods you will be eating for the next 12 weeks.

Laura provides tips on how to feel the best in your first week of the course-detox week.

Week 2

Laura covers taking your program further with exercise, relaxation and journaling. Learn the all of the benefits of exercising

and the most effective ways to help boost your metabolism, and maintain stress free living.

Week 3

Laura talks about the effects of stress and lack of sleep on the body while providing tips to fix both of these areas in your life.

Week 4

Laura discusses the effects of your environment, chemicals  you use daily, and reducing & replacing them.

Week 5

Laura discusses the importance of continuing the healthy habits you started during the program.

Why do we need an emergency food pack and what should go in it?

Get tips for staying healthy when eating out or going to social engagements.

Week 6

Laura explains the next steps after your program and how to choose the best transition plan for you.

Learn about more options  created for you after the program.

Laura talks about the most important habits to stick with after the program, to create lifelong habits.






Supplement protocol to provide you with the nutrients you need to support your body throughout the program and beyond.

                                                       ***Which supplements are best.

Incorporating whole natural foods.

*** How to obtain them fresh locally or grow them

Guiding you to Healing Yourself with Probiotic Foods Kefir  -Kombucha – and  Cultured Vegetables

***And a  special class on how to make your own.

Book and video recomendations





One-on-one private access to myself- a wellness coach- to provide you support for your 12 week journey. I am here to help!

Connected Community

We are better together! Join with other participants to share your wins, favorite recipes and stay connected during your program.

Journal and Measurement

Track your measurements and get your journal promts weekly – Open forum in a safe environment to bring questions, answers, and share your thoughts and problems


Find delicious new raw & probiotic recipes for any meal of your program- or how to use the ones you currently have in the right ways

Meal Planning

Create meal plans for each of the 6 weeks of the program to help get you started and keep you motivated.

Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options

This guide will help you make satisfying and delicious vegan or vegetarian or gluten free recipes that follow my guidelines



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Laura has leadership qualities, loves her family,

teaching others, very caring, honest, loving,

smart & passionate about what she does!

K. Sergio, Telford



Laura has a large capacity to help people help

themselves, she’s honest, caring & resourceful.

She is a thoughtful & organized guide to help you

be a better you! Her abilities include coaching,

cooking healthfully and being a positive motivation for others.

Dr. G. Foedisch, PA

Laura is determined & focused in her business,

caring deeply helping you make the changes you want.

As a dedicated wife, mother, teacher and coach she

guides you on your journey with open mindedness

and positivity.

Joy K.

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The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this program are for informational purposes only. The purpose of this program is to promote broad consumer understanding and knowledge of various health and wellness topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or heard in this program.