Is Fear Disabling You?

Is Fear Disabling You?

I know you haven’t hear from me in a while, I have had some exciting things happening to me! I have a new Full Time job that I am doing- along side of my Coaching, helping people set up their own businesses! It’s fun and exciting and hopefully helping many people get out of the rat race of a JOB and begin their journey to a better life. I also went on a journey of my own and faced a fear of mine: I traveled alone, across the country. I was excited and afraid, but I did it! I was at a wonderful coaching course called SI Boot-camp with Mark & Magali Peysha- Learning a lot of new ways to create positive shifts and transformations in the people around me and strategies to help people, like you.

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It was intense and full of information, knowledgeable teachers and trainers- break out sessions and group exercises. I met people from all over the world!- I had a wonderful time and I’m so glad I went! Is fear something you deal with? Does it ever seem out of control? Leaving you debilitated, alone and trapped? You’re not alone- many people have fears. Fear of failure, fear of travel or driving long distances, fear of relationships & fear of finances or budgeting. It comes in many forms. Regardless of your fear, I fully believe that we can alter the course of our destiny in wondrous ways when we invite FEAR into our lives the very lessons that frighten us most.! We overcome them through spirit-universal energy-God…what ever you might believe. We are meant to work our way through our fears- when we extend an invitation to to meet our fears, even as our knees are knocking and chest is pounding and anxiety is rising and stomach churning- through all of this- This wondrous Spirit- higher being to which we believe is smiling down on us; applauds us and gifts us with Amazing Grace. Regardless of how we look at our fears- whether we’ve caused our problems or are caught in the snares of others, in the midst of crisis or running from them for some time–we ultimately have 3 choices! One: to ignore it and hope it goes away- which leads to ulcers, stress and other bad habits of drink, drugs and food indulges to numb the pain. Two: Try to live with it. Not forever. Three: Look for the gift within the fear and gain benefits from it. When we do, we emerge on the other side- stronger than before-and surprised by joy. Be joyful because it is possible! Do not let fear hold you back, let it teach you and give you strength!Do you need help in this? Please do not hesitate- reach out to me,  Simpy click here to get you FREE session with me today!  

Am I  Significant? Do I Matter?

Am I Significant? Do I Matter?


 Significance: Most people have 6 human needs one is significance. If they aren’t feeling important or special and worthy of attention or needed than they act very differently. Maybe sad, angry or depressed.

There is a pattern of thoughts which we can live inside of. It’s called the crazy eight pattern We have a tendency to be happy on the upswing but when we’re not doing well – we‘re on the down side. Which one do you stay at mostly? If you slide down into a depression or anger then you might have issues with feeling significance.

Ask yourself: Am I Not feeling Significant right now?

What thoughts am I having that make me feel insignificant right now?When you feel like things are out of control, which side of the this pattern are you on: The upward or downward???  The downward, which isn’t very good. When we are angry we blame our loved ones, not because it will help, not because they are responsible but because anger helps us feel significant and certain.

Just know the past does not equal the future.

You can change you’re patterns of anger.

Although we can’t always control events that come into our life we can learn to control how we experience these things. We will always encounter stressful events like job loss, health issues or losing someone we love.- Something happens that’s outside of our control and it can knock us down, the stress can cause us the anger sadness or other emotions that cause us pain. But these feelings do not come from facts. They come from the meaning we give the facts.

The things that happen are REAL – Of course but the questions is:

How are you going to allow them to shape you’re life?

Are you going to continue on this crazy eight pattern  and let it tear you down or are you going to use it to empower and change you? To enlighten the way you go through the rest of your life? It’s all about the meaning that you give the events and experiences of your life. Because when you come up with a new meaning, you can get a new perspective, and, ultimately, a new life.

We all tell ourselves stories that make us miserable because were not feeling significant, when we could be feeling joy. We make ourselves feel sad, worried, anxious, shameful, guilty, fearful and enraged on a consistent basis. Why? Because we are wired that way.The human mind is always looking for what you could lose, what you could have less of or what you could never have; Significance being one of them. It might seem counter intuitive, but it’s a matter of survival and of protection. You are biologically wired to prepare yourself for the worst at all times. That is why it is up to you to take conscious control over the stories you tell yourself and the resulting emotions you experience.


The choice is yours.

What are you going to focus on?

What story are you going to let guide your life?


You get to choose what meaning to assign. This is the one power that you have right now in this moment that can change everything – even how significant you feel. The only thing keeping you from the joy you deserve is the -dis-empowering story you keep telling yourself.

But what if you decided right now to offer yourself a new core of belief? What if everything in your life, including the most painful and traumatic events, was happening for you, not to you? What if everything was designed for you to actually have a greater life and have more to give and more to enjoy?

If you want real freedom in your life, you must make a decision to stop allowing external events to shape your happiness and significance. And that is only done by becoming the master of significance and finding the empowering meaning in anything and everything that comes your way.

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Spice Up Your Life with Variety

Spice Up Your Life with Variety

Variety, what is this exactly? Is it the spice of life?

Is it change or new things? It can be different for many.

 Some people have a lot going on in their life and some do not – so, variety could just mean a change of pace either to slow down or do more?  If your life is full of whirlwind events and issues, maybe your variety would be to calm it down, do less and achieve a sense of calm and tranquility.

“Better is a handful of quietness than two hands full of toil and a striving after wind.” ~ Ecclesiastes 4:6

Maybe, a day of rest, an inner retreat of sorts. A day alone and full of nothing to do. Try online yoga, a quiet meditation, bubble bath or candle lit dinner for one. Try to taking an hour a day for yourself. If you get a lunch hour, instead of running around shopping or doing things, just find a quiet place and sit with yourself.

As I read these words I can totally relate, as I have done my fair share of toil and striving. I feel that as I get older, I see what I couldn’t see as a younger person. All the striving for things…they mean nothing really. I find such solace now, just listening to the birds and feeling the cool breeze on my skin on a hot day. I have so much to be thankful for and appreciate all that I have. The breath in my lungs, another day to enjoy the laughter of my children and a much calmer mind after learning the yoga and meditation practices I’ve been doing.

But if you’re the quiet type person as it is, a new variety for your life might be getting yourself out there,trying new things & experiencing new adventures are in your future. Do you feel alone and scared to do things? Then you really must add variety to your life.

Maybe look for a meetup group online or go to the library to see if there are book clubs, cooking classes or events you can go to. Start simple, then get more adventurous. Have you ever wanted kayak or canoe? Be adventurous –  go to a nearby lake, rent one and paddle away! Or create an art class for friends, adventure days to movies or outings in the area. Try a local evening class at a college or community center like Salsa dancing or archery classes! Other ideas are to try a bus excursion to a historical place or beach town, have lunch with champagne alfresco, or just make a list of local parks and visit one new one a month.

Spices are these little things – mostly seed, fruit, root, bark; which are used in nutritionally insignificant quantities to bring a bit of effervescence to your foods… so bring a bit of effervescence to your life!  Spices also serve as a preservative by killing or preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. Just like in nature, if the water is still or stagnant it will begin to show signs of bacterial growth. Stir it up with a fountain and special plants and viola, a beautiful oasis..

So, the phrase,” Variety is The Spice of Life” was probably coined to express how variety, by adding it to your life, can enhance your spirit and bring joy to your heart. Instead of life being a crazy whirlwind or depressed and lonely, just adding it in our lives could have the effect of a spice and enhance our everyday existence.

Variety does to our everyday lives, the same thing that spice does to food. It makes it more fun, more interesting, more meaningful. And sometimes, just likes a preservative, it can cure depression and alleviate boredom.

So, why not add a bit of SPICE to your life and you will wake up each morning looking forward to a different day.
Let’s live life to the fullest, experiment, innovate, enjoy variety and you will find you can really spice up your life!

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The Power Of Certainty!

The Power Of Certainty!

Successful people will do what failures won’t!

The Power of Certainty. What is that… you may ask? This world is so uncertain anymore. The economy, the politics, the weather; all of it is uncertain!

The definition of Certainty is :
free from doubt or reservation; confident; sure:
destined; sure to happen:
inevitable; bound to come:
established as true or sure; unquestionable; indisputable:
fixed; agreed upon; settled:
definite or particular, but not named or specified:.
that may be depended on; trustworthy; unfailing; reliable:
So, what I am speaking of is that feeling you get when you have a knowing of something that it is sure to happen, definite, confident & sure. You can have a feeling of certainty with your Job, relationships or nourishment some things are certain and others aren’t. Within the realm of success, you can have certainty as well as uncertainty but to become successful you must be certain of things. The things you want & can do. You can overcome and become more than you are.That is The power of certainty!

There is a power of certainty that successful people have, that brings about their success, that failure don’t have. Do you want success? Then you must become certain-Certain you can attain it. Certain that you want it. Certain that you can overcome obstacles. Upon studying this topic I’ve found that there are several areas that successful people have within the power of certainty.

Purpose Driven

Those who are more successful often go to work to get something accomplished. They work to make their dreams a reality, not just to get their eight hours in. Unsuccessful people often approach their work with a more limiting mindset. They may refer to work in a negative way: “the daily grind” or “my life as a drone.” They typically complain as opposed to looking at work as a means to an end, to create a life of abundance. Work—the passion for it, the creation of it, your contribution and what you learn from others—is what typically leads to goals being met and dreams becoming reality.
They are driven, and they push and shove until the job is done and targets are hit, and then they go again. They’re able to stay focused on getting results. A power of certainty! These folks often keep doing the hard things long after others are only doing what’s comfortable.
Whereas unsuccessful people appear to spend a lot of time in emotions and considerations that cause them to stop or settle and then rationalize how these feelings should be satisfied.

No Excuses

Regardless of how many excuses they make, successful people often know that it will not change the outcome. Even justified excuses don’t automatically make a project or person successful. When things go wrong, the successful person often sees it as an opportunity, not an insurmountable hurdle. Unsuccessful people tend to spend a lot of energy and time making excuses, blaming the economy, the customer, prices or competition. Even if the “excuses” are all true, just complaining about it likely won’t improve the outcome, and successful people know this. No matter how justified you are, try never to make an excuse for any outcome.

Focus on  Goals

Successful people tend to be focused on success. If you can stay focused on what you want, you will get it no matter how absurd the goal. The power of Certainty! The idea is to make the things you want and haven’t yet accomplished so real in your mind that they become real in your world.Less successful people seem to allow anything to drift into their environments—they aren’t controlling what they focus on. Every day presents an opportunity to set and reach goals regardless of how large or small they are.

Be Willing to Fail

The old saying, “no risk, no reward” seems to apply to those who are successful. These people often go for it almost with a willingness to fail. Of course, they aren’t interested in failing, but they know that if they don’t put themselves in a position to fail, they’ll never create the ability to win.
Unsuccessful people seem to play it safe. They may not speak up or offer ideas because they operate from a place of fear. They may be afraid to fail because they’re overly concerned with the judgment of others so they do the minimum and try to “fly under the radar.” Never be afraid of failure, because behind every mistake is an opportunity to learn.
Taking a look at the failures and tough times of others is one of the best ways to get over your own shortcomings . It’s important to see that failure is a part of the process, and that to be successful you absolutely must learn to make it a tool as opposed to roadblock. Failure hurts, and that may never change, but it’s how you learn to get better.

Know How to Say No

We all know focus is what leads to success. And focus means saying no to everything that is not your main “thing.” Focus means doing fewer things, not more. Successful people focus. Failures try to do too many things. They can’t say no. They have no focus.That is why they fail. Be bold. Say No when it’s not right for you.

Begin to willingly do these things, and you may soon see things change for the better in your business and life. Because doing what others refuse to do can give you the edge you need to find the success you want.That is the power of Certainty. Do things that bring you towards your new life and goals everyday and you will see changes you want in your life.

The  A B C’s of Helping Your Child Build Inner Strength

The A B C’s of Helping Your Child Build Inner Strength

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” What is inner strength ? ” You might ask..

By definition inner strength is Integrity of character, resoluteness of will, mental resistance to doubt or discouragement, fortitude and / or confidence of power that comes from inside oneself.  Basically inner strength is what you need to stay resilient and resourceful and to bounce back if you get knocked over, and this may happen a lot in life.
It’s like a ball of fire inside of you’re chest, a knowing… when your in a good place or bad place, listen to your intuition about how your fire is burning…is it bright and strong or dim and low?

If you or your child has been living with a low fire and you know it – it’s time to throw on a little kindling and stoke that fire! Although a child may not be in touch with their inner selves. You must teach them. This world is so full of things to occupy them and their focus. We want to become Aware, Build up, become Conscious, and Decide to make changes. A B C D:

A . Awareness

I believe that each person- child or adult- must get some time alone with themselves to really relax with themselves. To be in nature, swing on a swing-set, throw a Frisbee or dig in the dirt. No phone, TV or videos. If just for a bit. It can be very hard to encourage this but if you’re in tune with these things, then I bet you’re child is capable as well. If this is new to you, then do this together.

Try taking a walk to a nearby creek, walking a pet, or taking pictures of nature together and creating an album. This can be a fun activity. When you do these things you connect to nature, each other and self.

When you connect to self, you begin to build that inner strength and see what you want in and out of life, where you’re at, what you’re capable of. You can form goals, dream new dreams, think new ideas up and find ways to maneuver towards them. Always building upon you’re fire and inner strength!

B . Build upon the past

Your  achievement drive, if you will. When you build inner strength it’s good to remember other times when you were strong too, this is calling upon the past to help you now. Create a place to keep these encouraging things people have said about you and memorabilia that praises you or create vision board that is full of inspiring quotes.

C . Consciously think feel and choose

If things are in you’re way, or you’re in a tough situation, try to brainstorm other possibilities. Don’t ever give up or think there is no hope. Those thoughts just put out you’re fire. Part of pulling yourself out of a sad place is reminding your body how to release endorphins back into your system. A quick way to do this is to do what you have loved in the past — your system will reward you. Do you love playing piano? Painting? Writing? Singing? Crafting? Working on cars? Skiing? Whatever made you feel good about you in the past, when you had inner strength,  is what your body needs right now. Often.

D . Decide to get healthy

Another way to build the inner strength is to be sure you and you’re child are getting good nutrients into you’re bodies, which helps you think clearer and function properly. Quick tips are:
Make a grocery list (and stick to it). …have you’re child help you!
Don’t go shopping hungry. …
Buy more greens. …local farmers markets are great this time of year!
Choose fresh or frozen over canned. …
If you can’t grow it or raise it (theoretically), don’t eat it. …
Choose whole grains. …try a fresh bakery too.
Avoid sweetened drinks. …make smoothies instead
Eat naturally sweet food (and don’t add extra sugar to it!).pick fresh strawberries or other fruits.
As well as eating right , here are other essentials to build up inner strength… sleeping enough & getting fit:
Exercising- click here for some simple ways to incorporate it into you’re daily life

So, to gain inner strength we have to get Back to basics: A, B. C. D- Awareness: examine you’re current lifestyle. No judgments- just observe you’re habits and see if there is a place to make a change. Same with you’re child. Build up to it, build a baseline: Talk with them and see if they are willing to improve an area, like food or exercise with you. Maybe make it a weekly family time together, hiking or biking, cooking or cleaning and giving away old things to make way for the new. Each small thing will help them and you. Consciously choose better, and Decide to make new healthy habits!

By doing these things you can build you’re strength- inner and outer!

It’s also great to have supportive people around you, people who are happy and encouraging.
Be with those special people, release all the others. I believe that we are stronger – together,  with the ones we love.

You may search for other things to make you happy but in reality the only thing to really make you happy is you and being with the ones you love and doing things you love. This brings the ultimate inner strength. Make time for the most important things first.

“The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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