Keep Your Immune System Functioning Normally

Most people think that to keep your immune system functioning normally you only use the old-fashioned way:

Diet and Exercise

But maybe there is a new way too…

“If you truly want to change your life you must first change your mind.”

Some new and promising studies are being done,  paving the way for using mindfulness-based techniques to boost the immune system, enhancing our defense against infection and disease.

Mindfulness and self care must be apart of your life, It not only helps your immune system but there are countless ways to apply mindfulness in your everyday life and improve many things like:

  • Constantly feeling anxious and worried
  • Decreases stress
  • Feeling irritable, agitated and easily annoyed.
  • Argumentative and defensive with friends and family
  • Restless sleeping
  • Low levels of energy, often waking up feeling tired
  • Restless and frenetic mind
  • Often self-critical and/or critical of others
  • Feeling flat and uninspired
  • Having difficulty concentrating
  • Skin rashes and conditions
  • Clenching your jaw muscles and grinding your teeth at night
  • Headaches and migraines

If these are some of the symptoms you have, they can lead to illness eventually and so,

we must boost our health & mood with mindfulness as well as healthfulness.

Here are 20 Best Daily Health Tips: check them out here.

So, let’s begin to cover a few more of the 108 ways to mindfulness that will improve your immune system…

In your journal, do one prompt each day and if you missed my earlier posts on mindfulness, you can see them at the bottom in the slides.

Let’s bring it all together in a 6 week program ” Back to a Life of Health & Wholeness”   check it out here…

# 033

Finish this sentence…

One of the most calming things I can do For myself is when I am stressed is….

# 034

List everything that has made you smile in the last 24 hours- everything…

# 035

Goal digger:  Write down three goals.

One for this week:

One this month:

One this year:

Then ask yourself … What will they bring me?    

# 036

Find a quiet spot to sit.

Now, Reach out you’re arms and wrap them around yourself- giving yourself a hug.

Pull your fingers as far as you can across your back and feel the stretch.

Take three deep breaths in this position. Then release and write down the first thing that comes to your mind.

# 037

Speak up.

Sometimes it is hard to say things to people.

Write them down instead –  What words or thoughts do you need to get off your chest?

Write them here…Then read them out loud.

How do you feel about vocalizing these thoughts?

# 038

In one sentence, what lesson could someone learn from your lifetime experience?

# 039

Think of a time in your life that you were “Awed, overwhelmed, or you’re understanding of the world changed.”

Write about it…

# 040

You know those days when all you want to do is soak in a hot bath with bath salts? This meditation is for those days… A body scan meditation
You will systematically scan each body part and relax as you go.
Get in a comfortable flat position, with arms on your belly and legs bend and back supported.

( You may want to set a timer for 5- 15 min.)

Gently bring you’re attention to you’re toes and soften them completely, one at a time. Them bring you’re awareness to you’re feet, ankles, calves…right up to you’re neck and head- down you’re arms and into each finger. Relaxing each part of the body as you tune into it. Breath 5 breaths for each part- Enjoy

Keep Your Immune System Functioning Normally

Most people think that to keep your immune system functioning normally you only use the old-fashioned way: Diet and Exercise But maybe there is a new way too... “If you truly want to change your life you must first change your mind.” Some new and promising studies are...

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Health , Wellness & Losing Weight are never easy, and anyone trying to shift the pounds or get fit, needs a healthy mix of motivation, support, and a great plan of action.
Whether you are looking to get your body in shape or get rid of baby weight after a pregnancy, or simply feel more confident in their own skin, It really comes down to these 3 factors: Motivation, Support, and an action Plan
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Insanity is Doing the Same Things Over and Over

Insanity is Doing the Same Things Over and Over

 Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again

and expecting different results

~Albert Einstein

Are you just going round and round- insanity!?

Just as Albert Einstein quoted, It feels like insanity!

It’s not that we can’t change the chaos in our lives, it’s that were not willing to do

what is needed to change the chaos in our life.

Do you know you need to make a change?  Most people never even think about doing that?

They can just go day to day with their life and hope that things change,but they don’t…

but with a little help a little coaching and determination–  their lives could improve tremendously!

  • You can manage your time better to achieve all you want in life
  • Improve your career or start a business doing something you love
  • Reduce the stress in your life
  • Get balance between work life and home life
  • Learn what skills do I need to grow and develop further
  • Improve your relationship with your significant other
  • Lose weight and gain more health


Do you know how to stop this merry go round? With a plan and coach!  This will keep you focused and plan a solution and not focus on the problem. I’ve learned that I have the power to change me, but only cannot change others.

You might be saying  “ You cannot help me” Or   ” Coaches are for basketball or some other sport. Right?”

Well I think if you consider the fact that a team without a coach will fall apart, why not give yourself an advantage too. What if you could try it for free? Would you consider it?

Is there one thing that you would really like help on? Name it now: I need help with______________________!

Or I feel_____________________about ________________!

Now, take the next step and contact me here

Let’s think about this for just a minute: There is no value in using happy sounding words if you do not feel happy. As I have spoken of in past posts, the Law of Attraction isn’t responding to you’re words but to your vibrations- The energy that you give off to the world.

If you use good words- happy words, but don’t feel that way~ what are you attracting to yourself?

How you feel is what matters! How do you want to feel? Don’t focus on what is missing, but on what you actually want to feel, have, do or be. Even if you’re desire is yet to come, you are actually attracting it faster to yourself by feeling those good desires- offering a good vibration and it must come.

The universe doesn’t know if you’re offering you’re vibration because you are living or imaging the feeling, but it will answer the vibration and manifestation will come. So you’re goal is to create images that feel good to you. That feeling-place of what it would be like to have enough ____________ rather than finding the feeling-place of what it is like to not   have_____________, in you’re life

As you’re coach I will help guide you to where you actually want to be with small action steps.

Examples being:

  • Managing your  time better to achieve all I want in life.
  • Regain a sense of certainty that you are in direct control of every aspect of your life.
  • Immediately move from an activity orientation to a results orientation.
  • Replace your ‘to-do’ list with a daily plan that maximizes your time and guarantees your accomplishment.
  • Create a powerful sense of purpose, drive, and fulfillment every day.
  • Create a life plan that will allow you to achieve balance and make progress in all the areas of your life that are important to you.
  • How you’re health can be changed by having a routine ~ which in my opinion, in the top three most important things you can do to lose weight, right up there with exercise and diet. If you don’t stick to a routine, you won’t see results, and you’ll be discouraged

.Keep track of your progress, learn from the past, and celebrate your victories.

Is this your Season of Depression or Sadness for You?

Is this your Season of Depression or Sadness for You?

Do the winds of winter and the thoughts of Christmas put you in a lonely, sad or depression state? Well, stop right there~ before you think of these things. It’s just this time of year when we reminisce or expect too much, of ourselves or others! These thoughts bring on a sadness and unless that is what you really want, then you need to change it up!  When you feel bad, you are in the process of attracting something that will not please you and it is always because you are focusing on the lack of something you want.
We need to use the pivot process. This is a conscious decision to identify what you do want; not implying that the feeling of negative emotions are bad, because very often, in that feeling, you are alerted to the fact that you are in the process of negative attracting. So, it’s like a warning bell and part of your emotional guidance system.
Do not beat yourself up if you are thinking negatively In sadness, loneliness or depression these winter months with holidays upon us. Just recognize the feelings, then stop and say ” I’m feeling some negative things, which means that ~ I am in the process of attracting what I do not want. What is it I do want?” This is pivoting.
“I want to feel good!” You might say. So, anytime you’re feeling bad just recognize it and stop yourself and say “ I Want to feel good!”
And, if you say that and offer that into the universe, then you can begin to think positively- And one thought leads to another….then it attracts another…and soon, very soon, you will be vibrating at a frequency that is in harmony with your greater knowing – your intuition- your inner self and then you will be rolling…
Pivoting is the continual hour after hour, segment by segment process, whereby you choose the positive. It is the way you get to feeling good – and it is a way that you can get whatever you want.

Do you find yourself in this struggle – depression, loneliness or sadness during the holidays? Please contact me and I will help you, I offer a

In the meantime~

Let’s explore the enticing possibilities of some solitary pleasures to comfort ourselves…a treat of course,  there is a catch. The treat has to be something totally frivolous. A trifling you cannot live without, but why? You ask ~  Let’s see.
What single, perfect indulgence might just hit the spot? Certainly chocolate must be right up there at the top of the list. How about a single, frightfully expensive treat from a chocolatier? Pretend you just walked into the Chocolat’ –  movie- Madame Vianne Rocher’s shop~(A 2000 British-American romantic comedy-drama film based on the novel of the same name by Joanne Harris) ,It is about a single mother who changes the destiny of a small french town through her chocolate love magic.
~Vianne senses the melody of each customer and offers them a particular sweet chocolate which become more of a homeopathic remedy.
So, when you enter you’re chocolatier, take time choosing, inhaling the entire fragrant ambiance of the store and listen to which confection is whispering to you. What is the name of this sweet that seduces you? Take another moment to notice how this singular treat is placed in a tiny package, as if it were a jewel. When you unwrap it, act as if you have no idea what is in this package, sniff it adore it before taking a bite. Taste the chocolate on your tongue, the scent now transferred to the tongue.
Now, you could do this in a fine grocery store with a delicious delicacy for a single serving. Taking time to prepare it and serve it with candlelight. Allowing it to melt in your mouth just the same way. But take this time for you. A moment for you. Cherish a quietness you have never known before. It may be with music or a movie, simple and yours alone to create and indulge in.
There are all different ways to Pivot from sadness, loneliness or depression in your life. Just try one and let me know how it goes…

“Alone, alone, Oh! We have been warned about solitary vices. Have solitary pleasures ever been adequately praised? Do many people know they exist?” ` Jessamyn West

Live In The NOW & Go With The Flow

Live In The NOW & Go With The Flow

Discard everything from your experience that is not essential to you’re NOW. If you could release those things you are not wearing; those things you are not using, release them and leave your experience a clearer place-then the things that are more in harmony with who you are NOW will more easily flow into your experience. You all have a capacity for attraction, and when your process is clogged with stuff that you no longer want, the new attraction is slower-and then you end up with a feeling of frustration or overwhelm.

Are you feeling overwhelm NOW? I have a special E-Book for you that I have created to help with this very thing. You can grab a copy:  3 Massive Mistakes Professional Women Make That Keep Them Feeling Overwhelmed, Overworked and Burned Out! just sign up for my blog In the box at the top of this page and it is you’re for FREE. My blogs are a weekly/ bi weekly  email that is full of tips and helpful insights to Love your life! 


So, what is it you no longer need in your life NOW? Is your space, your home – office or car cluttered? Perhaps you could set a timer for 10 min. & go on a Clearing spree- what can you throw away, give away or put away in Just 10 min.? It’s a simple, easy thing and can help you feel better right NOW! You then can attract new and wonderful things into you’re life.

As I have challenged myself to practice the art of living in the NOW and cherishing my life,I have discovered that I am calmer, can focus more clearly and see the small things, appreciating them.

For example yesterday, as I practiced  yoga, my intention was to bring more calm into my life NOW & I look up to see a ladybug crawling up my curtain. It was beautiful. I had a sense of awe come over me…and I wondered what does that mean?

I googled it & found  that the appearance of a Ladybug signals  a time of luck in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Higher goals and new heights are now possible. Worries begin to dissipate. New happiness comes about. This insect also cautions not to try to hard or go to fast to fulfill our dreams. Let things flow at their natural pace. In the due course of time, our wishes will all come true. Alternatively she could be signalling that you can leave your worries behind and that new happiness is on its way. This species of beetle signals you to not be scared to live your own truth. Protect your truth and know that it is yours to honor.

I found this to exactly what I was thinking about. I wondered if my ambitions for my business and life were going anywhere/anyway that I was working towards NOW.

Low & behold this beautiful little sign appeared. I gently placed her on my finger and took her outside where she flew into the beautiful morning sky and I wished upon her flight that my ambitions would take hold and I could relax into the NOW & let life unfold the way it will.

Have you seen any signs in you’re life?

Please share them with me in the comments below, I’d love to hear them