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Why does life coaching work?

Life coaching works for several reasons:

Synergy between the life coach and client creates momentum and enthusiasm.
Better goals are set— ones that naturally motivate the client.
The client develops new skills, which lead to greater success.
Life coaching provides a structure of support. Left to our own devices, we start out with the best intentions and then, we hit a snag and it can derail us completely or cause a long delay. A life coach can help you quickly break through blocks so that more is accomplished with less struggle and less effort.
Your life coach is an objective, positive supporter. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such a friend or colleague to provide this. If you’ve been doing it solo, try seeing how much more you can accomplish with a life coach!

Why is life coaching so popular?

People are tired of doing what they “should” do and are ready to do something special and meaningful for the rest of their lives. Problem is, many can’t see it, or if they can, they can’t see a way to reorient their life around it. A life coach can help them do both.
People are realizing how simple it can be to accomplish something that might have felt out of reach or like a pipedream. A coach is not a miracle worker (well, they are, sometimes) but a coach does have a large tool kit to help the Big Idea become a Reality.

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~George Bernard Shaw